Friday, 8 January 2016

The Best Week Back At School!

 This week at school, we had Phys.Ed and Music. We were also lucky to have some explore time in our class.

    We also had math this week. Our class started to learn about money. We looked at what people spend money on and how people save money. The Canadian quarter has a caribou on it, the Canadian nickel has a beaver, the twenty dollar bill has Queen Elizabeth II and an image of Vimy Ridge, the Loonie has a loon on it, the ten dollar bill has a train on it, the five dollar bill has the Canadarm on it, the Toonie has a polar bear and the Canadian dime has the Bluenose on it. The Mint made a special 50 cent coin with the coat of arms on it. On the Smartboard, we were counting by 5's using nickels. It was fun!

  This week, we also wrote about our holidays. Cody had an awesome holiday because he played hockey. Elijah's holiday was great because his friends came over to his house. Adam had a birthday over the holiday that was FUN! Jaden had an incredible holiday because he got to play Star Wars Battlefront. Jordan had an AWESOME holiday because he got a PS4. Jacob got to see the new Star Wars Movie and thought it was good. Owen's break was good because he got to be a goalie for the first time.

 Next, we read some books about The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and we wrote about what we learned. Class learned that the RCMP do a dance with their horses called the Musical Ride. It's coming to Manitoba this year! The RCMP also train dogs to help find clues. Alex learned that the RCMP drive in cars to get bad guys. Cody learned that the RCMP used to ride horses to find the bad guys.

  Finally, we learned about Recycling. Adam learned that people have to dig holes to get a special rock called Bauxit, to make aluminum. Angel learned to keep the lid on her milk jug when recycling. If you don't keep it on, it may fall out of the truck and into the drain. Then it will go to the ocean and a bird called an Auk, will feed it to it's chick. Elijah learned that paper comes from trees.

   The first week back at school was AMAZING!

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Growing Patterns

This week we have been learning about growing patterns. Mrs. Pilat drew a cat on the white board and we had to tell her how many eyes it had. Then we had to tell her how many eyes two cats had. We did this all the way up to seven cats. Did you know seven cats have fourteen eyes? We were counting by two's! The next day we had to solve a growing pattern problem on the smart board. We each had a turn filling in the graph. When counting by eight, Cass showed Mrs. Pilat a cool trick to find the answer. He was the teacher! Today, we started a spider art activity where we had to count the number of legs. If there were three spiders, there would be twenty-four legs! 8+8+8=24. Mrs. Pilat showed us a way to figure out how to count by eight: Add 10 and take away 2 from the answer! 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Mr. Duncan and Rusty's Awesome Visit

Today, we had Mr. Duncan come into our class, with his long-eared female owl named Rusty. Rusty flew in our class from one side of the room to the other. She landed on top of Mrs. Pilat's bins.
Owen thought that Rusty was cute! Rusty was scared of the morning announcements over the speaker. It was Rusty's first time to come to a school. Mr. Duncan tried to feed Rusty a mouse but Rusty was too shy to eat it. Mr. Duncan showed us different owl talons and a great gray owl head and skull. Mr. Duncan can make different owl sounds. We thought his sounds were amazing. Mrs. Pilat was afraid that Rusty would poop on the floor but Rusty didn't. Mr. Duncan and Rusty are AWESOME! 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

What we discovered about elephants

Today, we learned about elephants. Elephants live in Africa and we have been studying the country of Zimbabwe. We worked with a partner and researched information using the iPads. We read articles and watched videos. Afterwards, we shared what we learned on Padlet. We came up with many facts about elephants.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Zoo Adventure

Today we went to Assiniboine Park Zoo. We wanted to learn more about polar bears. After taking a bus, we went to classroom and listened to one of the workers talk about global warming and how it is effecting polar bears. We played a game where pieces of newspaper were laid out on the floor. The paper represented ice. We had to jump on the ice to reach the mainland. However, global warming is making the ice farther apart and we had to make bigger jumps. As a result, we had to swim longer distances to reach the ice. Gerri thought the game was exciting, Alexis thought the game was hard but fun, Finlay thought it was good, Aryanna thought it was awesome and Nate thought the game made it clear on how polar bears are struggling. 
In the classroom, we got to see a replica of a polar bear skull and we passed around different bear claws and fur. 

   After we left the classroom, we saw Neptune, the harbour seal, with one eye. In the class tunnel, we saw a polar bear, swimming. Angel was excited to see it swim and Maggie thought it was cool when it was swimming above us. We also saw Hudson, the polar bear, jump up on his hind legs. Brandi thought it was cool. Maggie thought Hudson's paws were BIG, Nate was excited to be close to him and Mitchel was thrilled to see it. Cass thought the paws were the size of a dinner plate. We learned that polar bears use body language to talk to each other. Kadyn thought Humphrey, the polar bear, was cute. He was sucking on his tongue. The zoo wants him to stop this bad habit. We also saw Storm, the polar bear, sleeping on a rock and Kaska, the polar bear, was very tired and slept. The twin polar bears, Blizzard and Star, were also sleeping. 

We had a FANTASTIC time at the zoo today!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Kings of the Arctic: A Book About Polar Bears

Book titled 'Kings of the Arctic'Read this free book made on StoryJumper

Check out the link

Friday, 20 February 2015

A Very Beary Week

It was a short week at school but it was super busy! We took an imaginary trip to Churchill, Manitoba and travelled up there by train. It took over two days to get there. When we got there, we walked around town and saw Hudson Bay. There were a lot of rocks and not a lot of trees. We saw the school and noticed that Churchill has a Royal Bank and a Post Office, just like we do. There weren't a lot of cars and hardly any roads. You can only get to Churchill by plane or by train. Or if you have a lot of time, you could go by ship.

We took the information we learned about Churchill and we wrote a fiction story about us visiting there. Brandi wrote about going bird watching at 5:00 in the morning. Yikes! Isaiah wrote about going whale watching to see the belugas. Stella wrote about seeing a polar bear but walking away. In Kadyn's adventure, Angel almost got into a fight with a polar bear. Angel wrote that a polar bear was behind Mrs. Pilat and Mrs. Pilat ran away screaming. AHHHHHHH!  It was fun writing our stories.

We also researched polar bears by watching videos and reading facts on the iPads. We read an amazing book called, Winston of Churchill: One Bear's Battle Against Global Warming. It was a great book where we learned about how global warming affects polar bears. In it, polar bears protest to make change.  We then talked about how we can help polar bears. We also became polar bears and wrote a letter asking people to help keep us safe. This project isn't done this and will continue next week.